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Mapping Bizible to Custom Objects in Salesforce

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2016 10:16AM PST
By default Bizible updates the Salesforce Lead, Contact, Opportunity, Person Account, and Case Objects in Salesforce. To map Bizible fields to a different Salesforce Object, please follow the instructions below.

STEP 1) Create a Lookup Relationship field within the object you wish to map the Bizible fields to. In this case we will be mapping Bizible fields from the CONTACT object to a custom object.
  • Setup » Create » Objects » Select the custom object
  • Add a new custom field
  • Select “Lookup Relationship” » Next
  • Related to “Contact” » Next
  • Label the field “Main Contact” » Next
  • Visible to all » Next
  • Add “Reference Fields” (ALL) » Next » Save

STEP 2) Create new custom formula fields on the Custom Object that match the Bizible fields (Instruction on Step 3)
  • Bizible WebSource
  • Bizible Campaign
  • Bizible Ad Group
  • Bizible Ad Content
  • Bizible Medium
  • Bizible Keyword
  • Bizible Search Phrase
  • Bizible Landing Page
  • Bizible Referrer Page

Step 3) To create the new fields within the Custom Object first:
  • Create a new field by clicking “New” under Custom Fields & Relationships
  • Set Field Type as Formula » Next
  • Field Label ex: “Bizible Ad Group” » Formula Return Type: TEXT » Next
  • Click “Advanced Formula” » Insert Field
  • (Pictured Below) Select the Custom Object » Main Contact » Bizible Ad Group » Name » Insert
  • Set Visible to ALL » Next » Save & New
Repeat this process for ALL Bizible Custom Fields

STEP 4) Edit your Custom Object Page Layout » Create a Bizible Section » Add the newly created fields to the page layout then press Save.


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