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Tracking Custom Website Events

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2016 10:20AM PST
Bizible tracks interesting events and actions on your site, such as video views, form submissions and page views.

Salesforce Configuration:
1) Install Bizible v3.9 or later. 

2) Add the "Bizible Events" Related List to Lead, Contact, and Opportunity Page Layouts and then click the Wrench/Settings button.

3) Add Event Name, Event Value, and Date Reported and Change "Sort By" to be "Date Reported".
Click the "Descending" button.

Remove the "Id" field.

4) Under "Buttons", uncheck "New".

5) Add code to your site to track events.

Below is the new events API.  Note that the "Preamble" part can be included ANYWHERE in the document, even on the line before the event report and can be included as many times as you would like.  This Preamble ensures we still register the event even if the Bizible JS isn't downloaded yet (this is needed since it is downloaded asynchronously).  Note that EVERYTIME you report an event, we will decorate the relevant Leads, Opportunities, & Contacts with that Event information in Salesforce.  So, you have the power to create a lot of data in Salesforce with this.  

For example, if you put an Event on your homepage, every time a Lead, Contact, or corresponding Opportunity visited the homepage, we would add an entry in Salesforce for that person, even if they visited the home page many times.



// Bizible.JS API

// Preamble for all API usage.

<script> window['Bizible'] = window['Bizible'] || { _queue: [], Push: function (o, p) { this._queue.push({ type: o, data: p }); } }; </script>


// Send Custom Event


// Simple send Event

var reportData = {};

reportData['whitepaperDownload'] = "My Latest Interesting Whitepaper";

Bizible.Push('Event', reportData);


// Event can have multiple elements

var reportData = {};

reportData['whitepaperDownload'] = "My Latest Interesting Whitepaper";

reportData['loggedInWithFaceBook'] = "True";

reportData['numberOfTwitterShares'] = "1234567";   


Bizible.Push('Event', reportData);

// you can call Push Event as many times as you like.

6) Contact your Bizible rep or email to enable the feature.

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