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101 Report: Leads by Ad Month by Campaign

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2016 10:22AM PST
Leads by Ad Month by Campaign (Using First-Touch Attribution)
Leads Generated from a specific Advertising Month by Campaign. You know your marketing budget and initiatives for any given month, what was the output?
Skill level: 101
Time: 5 mins
Who will love it: Digital Marketing Managers, PPC Optimizers, your Marketing Agency
Fields of focus:
  • Bizible Date (FT) - The First Touch Attribution Date
  • Bizible Campaign - The Campaign related to the source of the Lead's First Session on your site.
  • Bizible WebSource - The Source related to the Lead's First Session on your site.
  • Bizible v3.9
  • Some basic SFDC reporting chops (or learn as you go)

1) Create a new report with report type: Leads and Bizible Attribution

Tip: The Bizible Date (FT) Field, which reports the date/time of the first touch on your site, exists under the Bizible Attribution Salesforce object.  Choose reports w/ Bizible Attribution for other reports using Bizible Date (FT).

2) Configure your report settings
  • Show: All Leads
  • Date Field: Bizible Attribution: Date (FT)
  • Date Range: Any
  • Format: Matrix Format

Tip: Matrix reports allow you to group and summarize data by both rows and columns.  Use this report type for comparing related totals, as in this report where we'll be comparing Ad Month and Campaign.

3) Create a Column Grouping for the First Touch Attribution Date - Date (FT)
  • Search for "Date".
  • Find Date (FT).
  • Click and drag it into the blue "Column Grouping" area.


4) Group Date (FT) by Calendar Month
  • Hover over Date (FT) column
  • Click the tiny down arrow ▾
  • Click "Group Dates By"
  • Select "Calendar Month

5) Create a Row Grouping for Bizible Campaign
  • Search for "Campaign".
  • Find Bizible Campaign.
  • Click and drag it into the blue "Row Grouping" area.

6) Filter by Marketing Channel - Bizible Websource
  • Search for "Websource".
  • Find Bizible Websource.
  • Click and drag it into the white Filter area.
  • Set filter to Bizible Campaign | equals | Google Adwords

Tip: All Leads, Contacts and Opps tracked by Bizible will have a value in Bizible Websource.  This is a great field to use for filtering by digital channel for all Marketing Attribution reports.

7) Save, Run and Analyze the Report

Findings from this report:
  • Adwords efforts in October created the most leads, while Adwords efforts in Feb created the fewest.
  • The "Brand" Campaign is the top performing campaign in terms of Lead Gen.
  • 41 Leads have been created from Adwords ads running between Oct and Mar.

Take it to the next level
Create this report for Opportunities to show Revenue by Ad Month by Campaign.
  • Use filters to show only closed won Opps
  • Add your company's go-to revenue field to the report
  • Use the tiny down arrow ▾ on columns to summarize or see the average revenue/deal/campaign
  • Click the "Show Details" or "Hide Details" to view more/less info in the report

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