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201 Report: A/B Tests and Revenue

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2016 10:23AM PST
Optimizely A/B Tests and their Impact on Revenue
Revenue from Closed Won Opportunities in which their contacts viewed an A/B Test. You're running Optimizely or VWO A/B tests on your site, which experiments contribute positively to revenue? Negatively?
Skill level: 201
Time: 5 mins
Who will love it: Web Admins, Conversion Rate Optimizers
Fields of focus:
  • Bizible ABTests - The Salesforce Object containing A/B test Data
  • Experiment - The A/B test Experiment title from Optimizely or VWO.
  • Variation - The A/B test Variation title from Optimizely or VWO.
  • Bizible v3.9
  • Bizible/Optimizely integration enabled (available for all customers)
  • Optimizely or VWO Experiments running on site
  • Some basic SFDC reporting chops (or learn as you go)

1) Create a new report with report type: Bizible ABTests with Opportunity

Tip: The Bizible ABTest data, which reports the A/B tests viewed by your Leads/Contacts/Opps, exists under the
Bizible ABTest Salesforce object.  Choose reports w/ Bizible ABTest for other reports focused on A/B reporting.

2) Configure your report settings
  • Show: All Leads
  • Date Field: DateReported
  • Date Range: Any
  • Format: Summary Format

Tip: The DateReported field is the date/time in which the lead/contact/opp viewed the A/B Test Experiment.

Tip: Summary reports allow you to group rows of data, view subtotals, and create charts. Use this type for a report to show subtotals based on the value of a particular field or when you want to create a hierarchical list, such as all opportunities, subtotaled by Bizible ABTest Experiment and Variation.


3) Create a Grouping for Experiment and Variation
  • Search for "Experiment".
  • Find Experiment.
  • Click and drag it into the blue "Grouping" area.
  • Repeat for "Variation" - Drop it into the second blue "Grouping" Area.

4) Save, Run and Analyze the Report

Findings from this report:
  • The Original Variation beat the other variations by a long shot (5x in terms of revenue).
  • The "CRM question" variation performed the worst.
​Tip: Keep in mind that Leads/Contacts/Opps may be related to many A/B Experiments.  Reports such as this one show a correlation to revenue, and not a causation.  ...unless you're only running one experiment.

Take it to the next level
Add complexity.  Run a report showing Revenue by Adwords Campaign by Experiment.
  • Switch to a Matrix Format
  • Filter by Bizible WebSource = Google Adwords
  • Drop Bizible Campaign into the Column grouping.
  • Filter Experiment Name to find results for a single experiment

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