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301 Report: Leads from Adwords Multi-touch

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2016 10:23AM PST
Leads from Adwords on First Touch, Lead Conversion or both.
Leads which clicked an Adwords ad in the First Touch, Lead Conversion Touch or both. You're running Adwords Search ads and Retargeting/Display on the GDN - Which leads had an Adwords touch in their path to conversion?
Skill level: 301
Time: 10 mins
Who will love it: Digital Marketing Directors, PPC Agencies, & those with a thirst for multi-touch marketing attribution
Fields of focus:
  • Bizible WebSource (FT) - The Source related to the Lead's First Session on your site. (FT) = First Touch
  • Bizible WebSource (LC) - The Source related to the Lead's Conversion Session on your site. (LC) = Lead Conversion
  • Bizible v3.9
  • Bizible Optimize or Enterprise Edition
  • Intermediate SFDC reporting skills (or learn as you go)

1) Create a new report with report type: Leads and Bizible Attribution

Tip: The Bizible (LC) Fields, which report the marketing data of the Lead's Conversion on your site, exist under the Bizible Attribution Salesforce object.  Choose reports w/ Bizible Attribution for other reports using Bizible (LC) fields.

2) Configure your report settings
  • Show: All Leads
  • Date Field: Create Date
  • Date Range: Any
  • Format: Summary Format

Tip: Summary reports allow you to group rows of data, view subtotals, and create charts. Use this type for a report to show subtotals based on the value of a particular field or when you want to create a hierarchical list, such as all opportunities, subtotaled by Bizible ABTest Experiment and Variation.

3) Create a Column Grouping and Sub-Grouping
  • Search for "Websource"
  • Click and drag Bizible Websource (FT) into the blue "grouping" row.
  • Click and drag Bizible Websource (LC) into the second blue "grouping" row.

4) Create Filters
  • Click and drag Bizible Websource (FT) into the filter area.
  • Set Filter: Websource (FT) | equals | Google Adwords
  • Click and drag Bizible Websource (LC) into the filter area.
  • Set Filter: Websource (LC | equals | Google Adwords

5) Create Filter Logic
  • Click the tiny down arrow ▾ on the Add Filters button
  • Select "Filter Logic"
  • Set Filter Logic to "1 OR 2"
​Tip: Filter logic lets you specify conditions for your filters using logical operators.  More on Filter Logic from our friends at Salesforce here.

6) Add more Bizible Fields to the report
  • Search for "Bizible"
  • Click and drag Bizible fields into the report as columns
  • Add Date (FT) and Date (LC) fields to compare date/times of sessions.

​Tip: Add similar (FT) and (LC) fields next to each other to easily compare data from multiple clicks.

7) Reading the report

This report shows leads grouped first by (FT) and sub-grouped by (LC).  (FT) and (LC) can represent 1 or 2 sessions on your site. 

If Date (FT) and Date (LC) are the same, the lead converted during their first session on your site.  Sometimes, a lead may visit your site a few times before converting.  In this case, Date (FT) and Date (LC) will show you the time between the sessions, and the other (FT) and (LC) fields will show you the marketing data for each session.

​Tip: Remember to look at the (FT) and (LC) fields shown below in Green and Red respectively.

Tip: Hover the column heads over the report.  To do this, scroll into the report and look for the tiny down arrow ▾ in the upper-center of the browser window.

8) Save, Run and Analyze the Report

Findings from this report:

Leads who click and convert from Adwords
  • Rita clicked and converted from Adwords in her first session.  Notice that Date (FT) and Date (LC) are equal. This indicates a one-click conversion.
  • Robin clicked and converted from Adwords, but did so in two separate sessions.  Notice that Date (FT) and Date (LC) are different.  She converted 6 days after her first session.

Leads who click a non-Adwords source and convert from Adwords.
  • John clicked from an Organic Google Search and converted about 10 days later from Google Adwords.

  • Mustansar clicked from and converted from Adwords 1 day later.

Leads who click Adwords and convert from another source.
  • Marc clicked an ad in our "Content" campaign in Adwords, and converted from our "October 2014 Guides" Linkedin Campaign.

Take it to the next level
Summarize by Bizible Campaign or Bizible Keyword to drill even deeper into multi-click conversions from Adwords or specific retargeting campaigns. 
  • Change your Websource (LC) filter to focus on certain retargeting campaigns.
  • Drop Bizible Campaign into the Column grouping.

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