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Reporting on Opp Record Counts using Multitouch Attribution

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2017 01:02PM PDT

Multitouch attribution allows for crediting 1 opportunity across many touchpoints.  Bizible provides the % attribution which is attributed to each opportunity on the Touchpoint itself.

In reporting, these count fields can be summed for an aggregate count of opps. This will allow a team to understand how many opportunities have been generated per Marketing Channel, Ad Campaign Name, etc...You'll sometimes see decimals on these Opp Count numbers since we're not totaling full opportunities but also taking into account any other possible touchpoint associated to the summarized field in your org. 

To create the new field please do the following: 

Go to Setup > Create > Object > Bizible Attribution Touchpoint  -- KEY (You won't be able to create this formula on the Opportunity Object

Next click on New

A formula field can be created for each attribution model for an actual (non-%) count using the following:

Formula Field: Opp Count W-Shape
Formula Type: Number
Decimals: 3 (to minimize rounding errors, use at least 3 decimal places)
Formula: (bizible2__Attribution_W_Shaped__c*100)/100

In the field option for blanks, you can select either option as it will give us the same results. 
-Treat blanks as 0
-Treat blanks as empty

Once you've created the field, you can summed in a report. The output is an integer with 3 decimal places which is the count of opps for the W-shape attribution model. You can create a similar field if you'd like to take into account other attribution %'s. 

After you create you've created the field, please make sure to add it to any custom report type that utilizes bizible fields. 

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