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LC to Opportunity Create Date (Velocity) [Custom]

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2016 10:12AM PST

This report calculates the velocity from LC to the Opportunity Create Date for your opportunities summarized by Marketing Channel. It allows you to understand how fast your opportunities are getting filling out a form for the first time and eventually becoming an opportunity.

1) To begin, we'll have to create a new formula field on the Bizible Attribution Touchpoint Object. 

Go to Setup > Create > Objects > Click on the Bizible Attribution Touchpoint object

2) Click on New > Select Formula > Name the field 'TP Date to OC' > Select Number > Choose 4 Decimal Places > Click Next

3) In your Advance Formula section, copy and paste this formula: 


(DATEVALUE( bizible2__Opportunity__r.CreatedDate  )-( DATEVALUE (bizible2__Touchpoint_Date__c )))

Click Next and Save

4) On to reporting!

To buy some time, let's start with an out-of-the-box report in the Bizible Touchpoints Report Folder. Look for the report 'Bizible Attribution by Channel (Qtr)' and click it.

5) Click Customize and then look for your newly created field. In this case it's TP Date to OC. Add this field as a column in your report and Sum the days. 

6) Next Add a Bucket Field right next to the TP Date to Closed Won Column

7) In the edition panel, you can bucket your days to analyze it in an easier manner. We've set our range from 5 days or less to 240 days or more. ​

8) Click on Add next to your Filters and create a filter where Touchpoint Position contains LC

9) Once you've created this bucketed field with your desired ranges, make sure to summarize (or create a grouping by it) your report by it as well. 

10) Click on Add a Chart and apply the following chart settings. In this case, notice that we're set our Y-Axis by Sum of Opp Count W-Shape to understand how many opportunities have been generated by channel. Please review this support article if you haven't generated this custom field in your SFDC. 

11) Analyze the data! In the chart below, we can see that our Events & Conferences channel has the fastest velocity. Further, we can see that our Social channel is the slowest. Nonetheless, they are still producing a big amount of opportunities. 

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