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Custom Model MoM by Marketing Channel

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2016 10:10AM PST

This report serves to become the best CMO high-level report you can create with bizible. It showcases the overall performance of all of your marketing channels month over month. The word overall is important to note since it takes the influence of all touchpoints across the marketing funnel.


For this report we will be iterating off of one of the pre-existing reports that come with the Bizible package.

  1. Starting off, navigate to the “Reports” tab in Salesforce and select the “Bizible Touchpoints Reports” folder.


  2. From here, you will be selecting the “Bizible Attribution by Channel (MoM)” Report.

  3. Upon the report loading, immediately select the “Customize” button.

  4. Now, we will be removing a few fields from the Grouping section. Next to the “Sum of Revenue - First Touch”, click the arrow and select “Remove Summary”. Repeat this step for “Sum of Revenue - Lead Creation” and the “Sum of Revenue - U-Shaped” fields as well.

  5. Once those are removed, we will begin adding in a couple fields. In the quick find on the left, search for “Revenue - Custom Model” and drag it to the grouping level and select “Sum” within the pop-up window.


  6. Another field that we are going to add is the “Opp Count W-Shaped” field. This is a custom field that you can reference how to create within this support article. You will be dragging this field to the same grouping level as the Custom Revenue field. When you add the field you will again select to “Sum” the field.


  7. Finally, now you can run the report and analyze the data!

The goal of this report is to show you holistic understanding of your Marketing Channels across a revenue level and also Opportunity creation. Here you will be able to see how those Channels are impacting revenue across all stages within the marketing funnel.

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