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Lead Source Funnel & The Campaign Member Funnel

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2016 10:06AM PST

What is the installation process?

Full setup can be done in less than 5 minutes.

First go to the AppExchange and click “Get It Now” to start the installation process.

For the Lead Source Funnel the listing is at and for the Campaign Member Funnel the listing is at

To find the app in your org, just follow these instructions:

In the tabbed navigation, click the plus sign. It looks like this:

Next, find the application that was just installed and open it. Click on the "Open Configuration" button. It looks like this:

Follow the steps on this page to set your admin permissions, enable batch processing, and finally configure your stages.


What is the configuration process?

Once you have installed the application, open it up and click the “Open Configuration” button to properly configure for your organization. The full process takes less than 5 minutes and is listed below for convenience. The setup for both the Lead Source Funnel and the Campaign Member Funnel are identical.

  1. Assign the Lead Source Funnel End User permission set to anyone who should see the Funnel only. Assign the Lead Source Funnel Admin permission set to anyone who should see this configuration page. You can assign multiple users to a permission set by navigating to the Permission Set then selecting the "Manage Assignments" button. From there, click "Add Assignments" and select users who should be assigned. Lastly, confirm assignments by clicking the "Assign" button.

  2. Set field history tracking for Status on the Lead object. You can use the link provided or navigate to Setup --> Customize --> Leads --> Fields --> Set History Tracking.


3. Set field history tracking for Stage on the Opportunity object. You can use the link provided or navigate to Setup --> Customize --> Opportunities --> Fields --> Set History Tracking.


4. Select the "Schedule Batch" button in the application in order to record previous Lead Statuses and Opportunity Stages via a scheduled batch. The batch will run immediately and will also be scheduled to run once every day at midnight. This data will be queried in the funnel to show a correct conversion rate.


5. The application will then display picklist values for Lead Statuses and Opportunity Stages. Open means the Lead or Opportunity exists in the organization and is not canceled, closed won or closed lost. Ignore means you would not like to include any records with this status in the funnel. Select which status should be marked as Open, Won, Lost or Ignored in the chart below. You can also reorder the statuses with the up and down caret. Click the "Save" button when complete and then click ‘View Funnel” to see it in action.

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